Saturday, March 31, 2012

4th Century Egyptian Monasteries

On 26th March 2012, I spoke at two of Egypt's Western-Desert Monasteries which were both established in the 4th century (AD) by St. Makarious. The first was DER-AL-ANBA BESHOI & the other was DER-AL-BARAMOUS. The word "al Baramous" in Coptic means "of the Romans". In each of the Monasteries I spoke about two main topics : (1) OTHERNESS, or the acceptance of the OTHER, and (2) the Coptic Theology between two Synods - 325 AD & 451 AD. My profound interest in all domains of Coptic studies emanates from my greater interest in the four main stages of Egypt's long history : (1) Ancient Egypt (2) Coptic Egypt (3) Muslim Egypt, & (4) Modern Egypt established by Mohamed Aly during his long reign (1805-1848).  

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  1. Coptic theology until the Arab conquest was very different from what copts now have known as their long established faith.